You Are Not Alone

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Tech workers have incredible power

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Ask Yourself

  • Is your company living up to its values?

  • When you raise concerns about the things you’re building, are they addressed?

  • Does this product have features that could put people in harm’s way?

  • If anything unintended happened with a feature or if data were leaked, who could get hurt?

  • Is building this tech the right thing to do or are we just doing it because other companies are doing it?

Technologists have power and can build things used for tremendous good. But when abused, technology can also cause massive harm. Does the product you’re building have the ability to unfairly target communities of color, endanger families seeking asylum, or expose survivors of abuse? We need tech workers to remain vigilant and speak out about the projects they are working on and those project’s impact.

We need more Silicon Valley whistleblowers

When you expose corruption and abuses of power it makes the world a better place. Employees speaking out have not only led to urgent and important national debates about privacy & race, immigration, government contracts, and workplace harassment, but have actually stopped tech companies from engaging in unethical uses of technology.

Be a hero. Here’s what to know

We know that whistleblowing works, but unveiling the truth can also come with risks. To make sure that taking action is done in the safest way consider these three steps:

  • Know how identifiable you are. It’s no secret that some whistleblower identities can become public and those who are public can face scrutiny. Take a moment to consider if leaked info can be traced back to you in any way. You may also want to think about sharing only a portion of the information that is known to a greater number of people.
  • Take collective action. In the fight for equity and justice, no one can do it alone. Finding like minded coworkers to organize with will only make you and your collective demands stronger.
  • Gather your resources. Tools such as SecureDrop are the safest ways to anonymously send information to new publications and other organizations.

Decide to not whistleblow? That’s ok! You can still talk to others about why whistleblowing unethical tech is necessary by clicking here.

You are not alone

Tech workers are the first line of defense against unethical and inhumane uses of technology. The world is counting on you. If you know your company is building or selling tech that enables human rights abuses, bring that information to the public.

There are anonymous ways to release that information to the public for the greater good. Many organizations operate their own secure whistleblowing tool called Secure Drop, developed by Freedom of the Press. SecureDrop is an anonymous submission tool that uses strong encryption and a Tor network to gather information.

Here’s a list of a few organizations that welcome anonymous whistleblowers:

Visit SecureDrop’s directory to see all organizations and publications that use SecureDrop to safely gather information

Don’t work in tech? You can still help.

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We’ve got your back and you are not alone.

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